Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Push-Up Liner Review

We recently teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics and made custom printed hair ties for their They’re Real Push Up Liner.  The hair ties turned out so cute we were intrigued and curious to try their new product.


At first glance, I thought it would be like any other eyeliner pen that I already owned and adding another to my collection would cause it to sit in my makeup drawer and collect dust. Boy was I wrong; I have since made this my go-to eyeliner while the others sit and collect dust.


Initially, I was under the impression this eyeliner was a LIQUID eyeliner in a pen form. Nothing new there, right? The key word here is GEL eyeliner pen. This my friend is innovative and amazing!

For your reading pleasure and valuable information, I have composed a list of pros and cons.


Travel-Friendly– Because of the packaging, this product is easy to take with you when you are traveling. There is no need pack a brush and a typical gel eyeliner in a pot. Simply throw eyeliner pen into your makeup bag, and your are set!

Long Lasting & Waterproof– When they describe this product as long lasting, it is no joke. In fact, it is so long lasting customers have asked suggestions on how to remove it completely. For swatching purposes, I placed eyeliner on my hand, and after rubbing it vigorously the product did not budge. Yes, it faded out a little, but overall the product was still on my hand.

Time Saving– You know how they say “You do not ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late?” That is not the case when you use this eyeliner, because of the tip; application is easy. No struggling with uneven wings. You can blame styling your hair for your tardiness.


Efficient– Again because of the long lasting formula, you do not have to set this eyeliner with eye shadow to make it long lasting. Saving you a step and applying your makeup becomes a much more efficient task!

Versatile– Whether you want a “natural look” or a bold cat eye look, this eyeliner can achieve it all!

Lash Hugging– The angle of the applicator tip allows product to reach the base of the eyelashes with ease; an area other eyeliners have a problem reaching. Causing eyes to look visibly larger.

Matte Finish– You know that shiny look you get with liquid eyeliners? You don’t get that with this eyeliner; the finish is matte and gorgeous.


When I first used this eyeliner, I was in total Love!  There was nothing  anyone could tell me that would make me fall out of Love.  I loved everything about it, I thought it was perfect, match made in heaven! But like any relationship, the honeymoon stage quickly came to an end.  After the first few times I used it, I noticed the product was not coming out as smoothly.  There was product build up that would clump up and small eyeliner particles would form preventing a smooth application.

I gave the eyeliner the benefit of doubt and decided to read other reviews to confirm I wasn’t the only one with this problem.  After doing some research, I read Benefit suggests squeezing out the excess product left of applicator tip to prevent product from drying.  They also suggest quickly putting cap back on your eyeliner to again, prevent it from drying out.  I must say this helped a lot and I was once again in Love.

You know how I emphasized this product was long lasting?  Well yes it is, but it is so long lasting it is hard to take off.  Yes long lasting is a good feature, but it can also be an annoying one.  After a long day of work, fighting with my gel eyeliner to come off is not how I envision ending my night.   I want a product that is long lasting but not impossible to take off.   Benefit suggest using their remover, but it is not something I have come around to purchasing.

Overall, I am still in a happy relationship with this eyeliner.  It is no wonder it has won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award.  Yes it has its cons, but I can live with them.

Additional Tips

  • Benefit Suggests to not use this liner on your waterline
  • Keep your cap on, it prevents formula from drying out and becoming clumpy.
  • For oily lids apply an eye shadow base or concealer to keep product from transferring onto lids.