How To: Bohemian Style Curls and Glitter Headband

Headbands and curls  go together like two peas in a pod; they are so perfect for each other it is unbearable.  Together they form this Bohemian style that is not only easy to achieve, but looks great on everyone!   Get the look in just a few simple steps.

1.  Section hair and curl away from your face with a curling wand like the T3 Whirl Wand.

2. For a relaxed and tousled look, brush through curls with your fingers.

3. To keep hair from looking piecey, tease the ends with simple brush strokes going upward.

4. Complete the look by adding a CyndiBands glitter headband or two for a fun layered look.



Get double the glitz by wrapping a headband around your wrist.

LayeredGlitterHB Bohemian1