Featured Retailer: RUTHIE Box

No matter where you are nothing says, “I love you” more than a care package.  With social media at its peak, the classic way of communicating has gone out the door.  Hardly anyone writes letters to each other, and all you seem to receive in the mail are bills and junk mail.  Brighten up a special someone’s day by sending them a care package with RUTHIE box!

Ruthie box is a care package company that sends out high quality items in cute packaging.  Each box includes a personalized card for any occasion, whether that someone is having a bad day, going through a breakup or simply to say I MISS YOU!


How it works:

1. Think of someone that is having a birthday or any other memorable moment in their life

2. Go to RuthieBox.com and select one of their two packages (read Below for package info)

3.  Fill out order information

4. Wait for a phone call, email or letter of gratitude from the person whom you just made their day!

About the Care Package

There are two different care packages you can select from, and  even though every package has the same 5 items, no two packages are alike.  Each one is unique and special. You will not know what items it contains until the day it arrives: SURPRISE!

The ‘go to’ box


A bar of chocolate- Hand Crafted chocolate bar from the Mast Brothers

A set of 3 CyndiBands Hair Ties- Elastic hair ties that will not pull or snag your hair.

Rosebud Salve Lip Balm- A multi-purpose lip balm that soothes dry lips & skin.

Lucky Feather Necklace- Trendy Necklace that is meant to be given with inspirational words and thoughts

Coffee Mug Designed in France

The ‘deluxe’ box


2 bars of chocolate

3 pack of Rosebud Lip Balm in a vintage case

2 sets of 3 CyndiBands Hair Ties

Lucky Feather Necklace

Coffee Mug






“CyndiBands has been a perfect fit for Ruthie box. The bands are an essential go to item that are high quality and have the cutest and latest styles. My customers love them!” -Cindy B, Ruthie Box owner