5 Summer Hair Tips

1 – Air Dry

There is no better time to rock your natural hair texture than in the summer.   Give your blow dryer a break and let your hair air dry as much as possible. Add Oribe Apres Beach Spray for shine and texture.


2- Moisturize!

Avoid dry hair this summer by using products that retain moisture.  With the high temperature, you need to keep yourself and your hair hydrated!  Apply a leave in conditioner daily.



3 – Protect

Before you jump into the beach or pool, rinse your hair with water and add a UV protectant.  The water will prevent your hair from absorbing chlorine, and the UV protectant will help with the sun exposure.  To remove any chlorine residue, wash out your hair immediately with a clarifying shampoo.



4 – Cover Up

We all are aware of the damages the sun can cause,  protect your hair  and skin by wearing a hat and decrease the time your hair is exposed to the sun.



5 – Change it Up

Wearing a ponytail too tight and everyday causes hair breakage.  Change up your hairstyle with fun braids and buns. Wear a CyndiBands hair tie and help avoid additional hair breakage caused by a regular hair tie.

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