DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit

Bachelorette Survival Kits:  A new and adorable trend to jump on this wedding season.

After a night of celebration, and fun activities are the dreaded effects of an unforgettable night.  This survival kit is the perfect aid in helping get through the day AFTER the bachelorette party!



What you will need:

-Cute container                                            -Advil (individually packaged)

-Water Bottle                                                –CyndiBands Hair Ties

-Bobby Pins                                                   -Chap Stick

-Hand Sanitizer                                             -Mints

-Band Aids                                                     -Mini Sewing Kit

-Nail File                                                        -Wisp Optic White

-Eye Mask                                                      -Cheek and Lip Stain (travel size)

-Eye Liner                                                      -Traveloo Refillable Perfume Spray

-Hair Spray                                                    -Scrapbook paper/ color themed card stock


*The items you place in the kit can vary.  No two survival kits are alike; you can be as creative or as practical as you would like.

1. Gather your container and all items you plan to place inside of it. (for the container you can use a paper bag, cute mug, or a mini bucket like the one pictured)

*I recommend purchasing travel size versions of items for a better fit.  Items that come in packs of multiples work well for a large bridal party.

2. Fill up container with shredded paper,  tissue or any other item that will fill up container without weighing it down.

3. Place items inside container.  Make sure you place tall items in the back and smaller items in front.  It will provide height and depth while displaying all items nicely.

4. Cut card stock paper to desired shape and label with “Bachelorette Survival Kit” & tape to the front of  the container.

* Tip: You can also label each bucket with each bridesmaid’s name.

5. Cut another piece of scrapbook paper to cover water bottle label.  This step in not necessary but I thought it added a little character to the water bottle.


Set of 10 CyndiBands hair ties individually packaged. Various colors available.



CyndiBands Hair Ties in action in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party.

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