Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrated in different forms around the world, Mother’s Day is a holiday in which we honor and cherish the special human being we call our mother.  For one day every year, we make her feel extra special by showering her with gifts, cards,  and flowers.  We let her know how much we love her and appreciate her for making us who we are today.   Buying the perfect gift is not always as easy as it seems so we have compiled a list of things we think every mother would enjoy on her special day.

DIY gifts were always my mom’s favorite.  Surprise your mom this Mother’s day and create a unique handmade card made especially for her.  Flashback to grade school and use stickers, stamps and anything that is crafty.

Hand Made Card

Mom’s seem to splurge on everyone but themselves.  Spoil your mom this holiday and buy her a pricey but versatile handbag that she can use year round!

Add an unexpected gift card to a flower bouquet or a box of chocolates by adding a CyndiBands Gift Card .  Your mom will  not only know who the present is from, but she will have a cute set of hair ties she can wear on her wrist or on her hair.




Sometimes love shines through in the details.  Give your mom a gift that will be special to her by personalizing it, engraving or adding a picture.


 A classic but still a favorite; flower bouquets.  Buy your mom a bouquet that includes her favorite flower, and or color.  It is a gift that is sure to bring a smile to her face!