How to: Prom Corsage Using CyndiBands Hair Tie

Show your creativity and uniqueness this prom by making your own corsage using a CyndiBands hair tie.  You can wow your friends and impress your prom date.  All you need is a CyndiBands hair tie in the color of your choice, a pair of scissors, flowers and ribbon.  You will create a must have accessory that is not only fashionable, but practical.  After prom, use the CyndiBands elastic hair tie to pull your hair back at the after party!


1. Cut off flower stem leaving about inch

2. Cut ribbon about 12″ long

3. Take the ribbon and wrap it around flower stems and secure in place with a tight knot

4. Cut off excess stem (be cautious- cutting too much can cause ribbon to come loose)

5. Take CyndiBands hair tie with knot at the bottom and place flower on opposite end

6. Wrap ribbon around the CyndiBands and secure with a knot.  Repeat this process until flower is secure

7. Once flower is secure take the remaining ribbon and thread through for a decorative look

8.  Your corsage is ready to be worn!

The possibilities are endless!  You can create your corsage using colors that match your color theme, colors that match your flower color or opt for a nude hue that matches your skin.

View some of our other creations below for inspiration.


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