#thickhairproblems: Hair Tie Gets Loose

The Problem:

Your hair tie becomes loose and won’t keep your hair up. A high bun ends up being a low bun by the end of the day.

Quick Solution: 

Use our Knot Trick with a CyndiBands hair tie.  We all know it is literally impossible to get a hair tie to go around thick hair more than twice.  For that reason, I use the The Knot Trick.    After you have wrapped your hair tie twice around your hair,  pull the hair tie as if you were to wrap it around your hair again.  Then instead of pulling your hair through, loop the extra elastic around the knot.  This keeps your ponytail tighter and helps it stay up the rest of the day or during a workout.


For extra hold and a no budge ponytail, try using two hair ties.  This doubles up the hold and ensures your thick hair stays in place!


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