CyndiBands Top 10 Best Sellers

When browsing through a new website, one of my favorite things to do is go through the best-sellers section.  I am a firm believer that there is a good reason an item becomes a best seller and I am always eager to figure it out.  For that reason, we have compiled a list of CyndiBands top 10 best sellers and the reasons we think they have become such favorites.

1. Brights– Mega Set of 19 Hair Ties

One of my personal favorites is this multi set of 19 hair ties.  It is composed of 14 bright colors and five coordinating polka dot and chevron print hair ties. The color selection makes you feel like you have all the beautiful colors of the rainbow and then some.


2. Pick Your Colors – Set of 6 Hair Ties

Customers love the ability to show their creativity, team spirit, and originality by creating custom sets of six hair ties. No two sets are alike and the possibilities are endless!



3. All Black– Set Of 6 All Black Hair Ties

There is something about the simplicity of this set that has made it a favorite.  You cannot go wrong with a set of all black hair ties.  They can be used everyday and they go well with any outfit.



4. Blonde– Set Of 6 Hair Ties

This set is perfect to match golden locks. Inspired with light hair in mind, this set includes shades like light cream and caramel. With the popularity of this set there is no doubt in my mind that blondes do have more fun!

Blonde Hair Ties

5. Sunray– Set Of 5 Hair Ties

This set is one of our best-selling sets on Amazon. It is so popular we can barely keep it in stock!  The neutral shades of solids and prints with a pop of color makes this set one of our customers’ favorites.


 6. Shadow– Arm Candy Set Of 3 Hair Ties

With the popularity of Arm Candy there is no doubt why this set has made it on our top 10 list. There is something about the combination of a solid color, a print and a glitter hair tie that makes this set the perfect accessory not only for your wrist but your hair as well.


 7. Favorites Paint Tin– 21 Solid Hair Ties & 2 Headbands

This adorable paint tin is called Favorites because it comes with our most popular colors and includes 21 hair ties and 2 headbands.  The colors are a variety of neutrals and brights and they come in a cute paint tin that can be used to store CyndiBands.


8. Essential– Set of 3 Headbands

Our basic colors always sell well and these headbands are the perfect example. This set of 3 headbands comes in black, charcoal and light silver. The perfect color trio to match any of your workout attire or casual wear.



 9. Aurora – Set of 6 Hair Ties

This monochromatic set of blues and greens has always been a favorite. There is something about the soothing blues and cool greens that has made this set one of our best sellers.


 10. Greys– Set Of 6 Hair Ties

Last but definitely not least is our Greys set. The ombre effect of this set of six hair ties has been a big hit!  You receive a basic black and white hair tie with an additional four shades of grey. These are perfect for bridal parties or simply to have for yourself.



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