10 Reasons Why People Love CyndiBands

CyndiBands elastic hair ties were an instant hit when they debuted in 2010.  We love when our customers tell us the why they love CyndiBands so we compiled a list of the 10 most popular reasons.

1 – CyndiBands Are Gentle On Hair

CyndiBands are an important part of any healthy hair ritual as the soft elastic will not snag or tear hair.  Give your hair a break from your everyday shampoo and blow dry routine and instead put your hair up with a CyndiBands hair tie. Want some ideas? Check out our Pinterest page for ideas on ponytailsbraids and up dos.

2 – No-Fray Ends

CyndiBands are manufactured in Los Angeles, California using a process that professionally heat seals the ends so they do not fray.   This gives you longer lasting hair ties that stay looking great after multiple uses.

3 – The Colors!

CyndiBands come in a wide array of colors and prints that simply make people look and feel happy. Match any color from your favorite outfit or pick a color that blends with your hair color. Feeling a little wild? CyndiBands also come in prints like zebra, polka dots and stripes.


4 – CyndiBands Do Not Leave a Big Dent

Traditional hair ties are notorious for the large crease they leave in hair even if it is only up for a short time. When you wear CyndiBands hair ties the dent is minimized and for some they leave no dent at all. CyndiBands hair ties for Thick Hair may leave a dent.

5 – Made In The USA

All CyndiBands hair ties and headbands are cut and hand tied in our Marina del Rey, California warehouse using imported fabric created just for CyndiBands.

6 – CyndiBands Can Be Worn As Bracelets

CyndiBands look stylish and cute when worn as bracelets.  You can accessorize and wear them as arm candy with your favorite watch or bracelets.  You will not only look stylish but you will have a hair tie when you need it the most.

7 – Headbands

Sometimes having a hair tie is simply not enough to hold your hair back. CyndiBands also makes headbands that are gentle on your hair and head. Wear just one or double them up to keep fly-aways in place.

CyndiBands headbands

8 – Create Your Own Sets

On Cyndibands.com we offer the ability to pick your own color combinations of hair ties and headbands.  You can choose any variety of colors and prints from our extensive list of options that changes seasonally.

9 – Versatile With Different Hair Types

People are often surprised how well CyndiBands work with any hair type – whether it be thick, thin, curly or straight.  If you have thick or demanding hair we suggest trying our stronger CyndiBands hair ties for Thick Hair.

10 – Stylish Personalized Packaging

Want a unique gift or party favor?  We can print your name, logo or custom message on our CyndiBands packaging or hair ties.  We also offer seasonal packs for holidays and birthdays.  See our custom print page for more information.