Green Hair Ties For St. Patrick’s Day

green hair ties

March 17th is right around the corner and that means pull out your green it’s St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional Irish holiday that was brought over to America by Irish-Americans.  St. Patrick’s Day has come to be associated with everything Irish, filled with green and gold, shamrocks and luck!

St Patrick's Day Arm Candy

CyndiBands Arm Candy in Sadie

Green is one of our favorite colors here at CyndiBands. In America it is tradition to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day so we wanted to get in on the fun with some St. Patrick’s Day inspired CyndiBands packs. Add some extra green to your St. Patrick’s Day outfit this year by sporting different hues of green CyndiBands hair ties in your up does and as arm candy!

St. Patrick's Day Hair Ties

3 pack of hair ties for St. Paddy’s Day in Jade

Add some green and gold sparkle on St. Paddy’s Day with our Skinny Glitter Headbands. Our CyndiBands headbands can be worn by themselves or doubled up for extra color.

Gold and Emerald Green Glitter Headbands

Gold and Emerald Green Glitter Headbands

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