Introducing- CyndiBands Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Our excitement cannot be contained, the idea is surreal but the day is finally here! Introducing…

CyndiBands hair ties for thick hair

Thick Hair Hair Ties

Very similar in style to our original CyndiBands hair ties, but with the advantages of a stronger hold, stiffer fabric and defined texture for less slipping, our new hair ties are designed with thick hair in mind.  These hair ties are tough and strong to uphold rebellious, hard to manage, uncontrollable hair.

Do any of these #thickhairproblems sound familar?

  • No need for a sock in your bun
  • Hair ties often break
  • Takes hours to dry your hair
  • Difficult to untangle
  • Need more than one hair tie to hold a ponytail
  • Cannot skip conditioner
  • Capable of breaking a brush

If so then these are the hair ties for you! Look for the Thick Hair packaging and try out a set today.


The truth is anyone can wear these CyndiBands hair ties.  You don’t necessarily need hard to manage hair to enjoy one.  Throw one on during an intense workout for extra hold.

If thick hair is not something you deal with, opt for our original All Black set.  Equally magnificent and made from softer elastic for a gentle hold that won’t snag or damage your hair.

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