More Magazine: What Hair Pros Really Use on Their Hair

Have you picked up the latest More magazine? This month’s (February 2014) edition features the beautiful Courteney Cox and includes great articles full of hair and fashion tips for all types of looks. My favorite article unleashes the hair secrets of five beauty professionals in “What Hair Pros Really Use on Their Hair.” I love when A-list stylists share their hair tips and other beauty secrets to help me get the same look I see on their celebrity clients.

Stylist, Jen Atkin, whose client base includes stars such as Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, and Sofia Vergara, shared some of her favorite hair products she uses regularly, one of which was our very own CyndiBands!

Atkin explained, “For workouts, I wrap a CyndiBands elastic around my ponytail because it won’t leave a crease. Then, after I’m done exercising I don’t have to wash and restyle. I just take out the band, flip my hair upside down while bending at the waist and spray the roots and ends with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spry. The results are amazing.”


 If A-list stylist Jen Atkin loves using CyndiBands to help hold her hair back during a workout you should try one too! Don’t forget CyndiBands also come in CyndiBands headbands as well to hold back bangs and flyaways during an intense gym session.

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