T3 SinglePass Professional Straightening and Styling Iron: Review

About a week ago, our marketing intern, Michelle, showed up to work devastated because her flat iron had broken that morning. She straightens her her 3/4 times per week so this was a huge loss for her. Our color specialist for CyndiBands, Karlie, suggested the T3 SinglePass Professional Straightening and Styling Iron, since that is what she uses for her hair.

After using her new SinglePass Flat Iron, we asked Michelle to share what she thought:

“I have medium length, thin, curly hair and using the T3 SinglePass Flat Iron cut my get ready time from 35 to 20 minutes. I only had to straighten each piece of my hair once which cut time and once I did straighten that section, the hair wasn’t scorching hot so I was able to handle the hair immediately after straightening it. I used to have a 3″ wide straightener, so having smaller 1” plates enables me to straighten the same amount of hair but more precisely. It is hard to get close to your head and straighten hair in the direction that you want with a larger flat iron, so this smaller one is the perfect size to, not only straighten your entire head of hair, but also to get those baby hairs and fly-aways. With hair this straight I now need hair ties that do not crease my hair, so it’s a good thing I already work at here CyndiBands. After spending time to style my hair exactly how I want it, denting my hair with a hair tie would be frustrating. My favorite fall color to use is Burnt Orange because I like the pop of color against my dark brown hair.”



Tourmaline SinglePass™ digital heating delivers the perfect amount of heat for your hair type is delivered. While other flat irons only check the temperature periodically, Digital Tourmaline SinglePass™ heating monitors plate temperature in real-time and maintains plate temperature for effortless, high-speed styling and smooth, shiny, long-lasting results.

450ºF adjustable heating allows you to set the iron’s performance depending on your hair type and hair style.

Tourmaline gemstones are often referred to as the electric stone for its ability to emit ions and infrared heat which seals in moisture and reduces static electricity.

The 1″ high-tech plates have baked-in Tourmaline Ceramic for frizz-fighting, cuticle sealing power.

The curved body shape of the flat iron gives you a sleek, straight look but also enables you to style-in flips, body, shape, waves and even curls.

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