Review: The Dry Bar


dry bar in Marina del Rey, CA

You call it “Holiday Season,” I call it “Event Season.” Seriously! Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Hanukkah parties, New Year’s parties.  Anyone you talk to has event after event stacked up for the next two months and they do not even know where to start planning. More than that, you know that every time you attend one of these events you’re expected to get dressed up, full make-up and hair is mandatory! This gets expensive if you plan to have your hair done professionally and gets tiring if you plan to do it yourself. I vowed to myself this season that I would not tire myself out getting ready for these events and I would not be broke come January 1st. My answer? The Dry Bar.

No cuts. No color. Just blowouts- $40. (Wash included!)

Their blowouts take on the names of famous drinks so when you order your blowout, you sound like you are ordering your favorite drink at a bar or restaurant. Their book of blowouts is rightfully named The Menu and in fact, they serve you complimentary drinks while you are getting your hair done. Champagne at 10 am? Sure, why not!

The Menu includes everything from their signature blowout “Straight-Up,” straight with a little bit of body, to “Southern Comfort,”  big hair and lots of volume. They even offer the cutest option in the world– Shirley Temple: for ages 10 and under (only $28).

They accept walk-ins but I was told that Fridays and Saturdays book up early so if you know you have a weekend event, you should call early.


I ordered the Straight Up, which is their signature straight blowout with a little bit of body.  I have thick and wavy hair so I can never achieve the same look when straightening my hair myself at home.  I was so happy with my blowout I made sure it lasted a couple of days by wearing my hair up in a ponytail the next day using a CyndiBands hair tie, of course.  I can’t help but wonder about the other styles they offer such as the Manhattan and the Mai Tai.  I am even tempted to purchase one of their monthly memberships like The Regular, which includes 2 blowouts, a floater (10 min head massage) and 10% off products.   If 2 blowouts a month is not enough for this season full of exciting events, they also offer The Barfly membership which includes 4 blowouts, 2 floaters and 10% off products.  You can save as much as $40!  By this point you might be wondering where you can find the nearest dry bar location.  Luckily, The Dry Bar has various locations through out California, New York City, Texas, Georgia, Arizona & Washington DC.  Book an appointment today and tell us about your experience!

I loved the atmosphere, the convenience and most importantly, how my hair turned out.  I walked out feeling like a million bucks and if you ask me, at only $40 per blowout, I got a bargain!

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