Four Ways to Wear CyndiBands Glitter Headbands

CyndiBands Skinny Glitter Headbands are one of our hottest new styles this year! These headbands don’t “shed” glitter so you don’t have to worry about getting glitter on your face or in your hair. The fabric is stretchy and shimmers like glitter, but there is no loose glitter used in our headbands.

The reaction to our glitter headbands at the Fred Segal/NYFW Media event was phenomenal.  A number of people came up to us and said they were “perfect for  the holidays”, with the most popular colors being black, silver and gold.  “People would see the glitter headband on someone else, then they would come up to us and ask ‘Do you have any more of those glitter headbands?'” says Susie about guests at the event.

Glitter headbands are a hot trend right now so obviously we are going to wear them, but the question is how?  We have 4 ideas on how you can wear our CyndiBands Glitter Headbands this holiday season. During our most recent photo shoot, Melissa Beck, hair stylist and makeup artist, explained how she created the looks. 

1. Traditional – Hair is styled however you would like it, whether down or in a ponytail. Pull all your hair back from your face and secure with a headband.  Use either one glitter headband or double up CyndiBands elastic headbands. Melissa explains that “you can layer the headbands, black and zebra print or possibly a pink and a neutral for a pop of color for a brunette.”

Silver Glitter Headbands

2. Bohemian Style – Start by parting your hair in the middle. Then curl your hair away from your face in big, loose curls. When you are done curling your hair, brush out the curls so they turn into waves and add a glitter headband or two.

glitter headbands

3. Side Pony  – “For the photo shoot today, what I did was I brought her bangs forward, slipped on the headband, and then pinned her bangs behind the headband. This is a great holiday look, especially colors like a magenta headbands with black dress.”

Side Ponytail with Headband

4. Arm Candy – Double your glitter headband up and wear it as a bracelet.

Headbands on Wrist

CyndiBands Glitter Headbands can be purchased individually, in 2 packs or create your own 3 pack where you pick your own colors.

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