Trick or Treat Yourself to Halloween Hair Ties

Halloween is the perfect time to treat your friends to a spooky treat! Use one of each of our 5 Halloween Hair Ties to match a specific costume, outfit, or personality!

Halloween Hair Ties

Spruce up that costume with a little hair glam or match your costume to your Cyndi Bands hair tie, chances are it will be the only part of your costume that you use again. Whether you want lime, purple, red, coral, black, or all 5, these Halloween hair ties are the perfect gift to yourself or others!

Trick or Treat: Don’t trick, just treat yourself or friends to a lime green hair tie this Halloween!

Hair Raiser: Scared on Halloween?  Raise your hair on your own terms with this purple hair tie.

Happy Halloween: Get Black Cat good luck with a Coral Cyndi Bands hair tie!

Happy Haunting: Bring the fire this Halloween with a red hair tie for yourself or friends!

Happy Halloween: Steal off into the night this Halloween with a sneaky black hair tie.

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