How to Prevent Your Hair From Breaking

We all love healthy hair and one of the best things about Cyndi Bands hair ties is that they are gentle on your hair. You don’t have to worry about snagging or damaging your hair when you use Cyndi Bands!

Beauty High

girl brushing her hair

Most of us put our hair through the ringer – from color changes to heat styling, we’re tugging and pulling on it praying it will do what we want, and hoping it will stay healthy as we go. But, there are times where we notice that there’s a bit more hair in our brush than we’d want there to be – probably due to all of the wear and tear we’re putting it through. To make sure you’re not doing too much damage to your strands, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you keep your hair in tip top shape – so you’ll have healthy hair – and thick hair, too.

Don’t Rub With a Towel: After your shower, don’t rub at your hair with a towel, as your instincts would tell you to do. Squeeze out damp strands instead, and use a T-shirt or paper towel for…

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